Dave Bianchi

After a 12 year radio career in the States, having had produced numerous top syndicated programs, 2005 saw Dave Bianchi taking off from New York City for uncharted territory, and ultimately opening a recording studio in Barcelona. Radio was fun, but producing music was always his talent and passion. The response was immediate—musicians from around the world gravitated towards Bianchi’s ‘Emergency Room’ studio in the L’Hospitalet bario of Barcelona. Instantly he began producing a string of records; jazz, rock, experimental, soul, world, or music uncatigorizable.

Shortly after opening the studio, Dave started the label Whatabout Music to showcase some of the artists he had encountered and produced. It started as just a digital label, taking advantage of the wide opportunities within the new music industry—but off the web and in Barcelona, it had become more of a community than a label. In just five years, the Whatabout Music catalog has grown to include more than 40 releases from 23 bands, and is growing more rapidly, with the addition of the sub-group Whatabout Jazz.

If you ask Dave about his own music, he explains: “the great luxury I have as a producer is that i’m constantly working with amazing musicians… so when the time comes that I’m making one of my own albums, I get to pick and choose from an endless list of phenomenal players i’ve had the pleasure to record with.”

Combined with his unique production style, which Spain’s national paper La Vanguardia referred to as ‘unusually brilliant,’ this reflects in his new album, the third released as a solo artist, The Suburbs of Salt (2010). After recording 2009’s Baby Disco with 21 musicians, Dave decided to simplify—Salt was recorded with a band of just 10. Strings, horns, orchestration, the incredible drum work of Oriol Roca, and a guest vocal slot from singer/songwriter Leslie Helpert; the album also features a cover of the Tori Amos song “God,” as well as original recordings of Amanda Jayne’s “Nerves,” and “Bricklessness,” written by British poet and artist Duffy O Brick.

Baby Disco (2009) was Dave’s first full-length album, with a featured cover of The Doors’ “People Are Strange.” The version had national radio play, with rock legend Alice Cooper humorously claiming on his own radio program Nights with Alice Cooper that ‘there’s nothing stranger than Dave.’ The single “That Stare” had an accompanying video, directed by Laurent Briet, who helmed videos for the Red Hot Chilli Peppers, Radiohead, Moby, Tori Amos, and many more.

Onion (2007) was the first solo project for Dave. He opened up and decided to take over the role of vocals—something he had always left for other singers to do in the past. The six songs found Dave playing virtually all of the instruments and etching out his own unique songwriting style, something he has built a reputation for in his music.
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The Suburbs of Salt
Format: Album
Year of release: 2010
Baby Disco
Title: Baby Disco
Format: Album
Year of release: 2009
Title: Onion
Format: EP
Year of release: 2007
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"That Stare" - from the album Baby Disco