Leonardo Trincabelli
‘Leo’ was born in Montevideo, the capital of Republica Oriental Del Uruguay in 1973. He began performing on the Hang in 2004 and is a popular performer of this amazing instrument at various venues and on the streets throughout Barcelona and Catalunya.

In early 2010 he recorded the album ‘Release’ with 10 musicians from around the world in The Emergency Room in Barcelona. Clarinet, percussion, strings, harp, vocals, double bass, kora, sax, and more bring the sound of the hang to a completely different level.

In 2018 Leo released "Vientre", featuring musicians from Brasil, Guinea-Bissau, Nepal, Israel, South Africa, Spain, Italy, and Argentina.
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Title: Vientre
Format: EP
Year of release: 2018
Title: Release
Format: Album
Year of release: 2010
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Leo playing in Parc Guel