Year of release: 2009
Format: Album
Catalog number: WAM-003

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The second album from cello-hang duo Selva de Mar. Recorded live in a the cathedral San Marti on the Costa Brava in Spain, this amazing album features guest vocal performances from Swedish singer Ewa Wikstrom and African artist Mû. A journey through different continents, with an acoustic purity that only the ancient stone walls of a cathedral could lend.


Sasha Agranov - cello
Pablo Wayne - hang, percussion
Ewa Wikström - trumpet, vocals
Mû - vocals
Igor - vibraphone
Reviews & Press
Selva de Mar's olas invisibles also became one of my favorite releases of 2009. ...
I've put this off for way too long... it's just cuz too much awesome music happened in 2009 and I think it's more than any single human could possi ...
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