Year of release: 2011
Format: Album
Catalog number: WAM-023

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A live album from African singer, multi-instrumentalist, and songwriter Mû. This set of nine songs spans the world, with Guinea Bissau-born Mû inviting a collection of musicians to record and compose-- Mancarro, Victor Iniesta, Jesus Mañeru, Carlos Tato, Mel Seme, Sol Omar, Santi 'Gago', and Maria Di Pace all bring their own countries and influence into the tracks. Recorded over 2007 to 2009, in studios between Sevilla, Barcelona, and Cañizar...


Aveclara : written by Mancarro (guitar) and Mû (voice)
Baby Boom : written by Victor Iniesta (guitar), with Juan Carlos Aracil on flute, Mû on vocals
Horizonte : written by Daniel da Lança, with Jesus Mañeru on percussion, Carlos Tato on electric bass, and Mû on guitar and voice
Kada Biku Tene Si Dom : written by P. Barragán (guitar) and Mû (voice)
Ku Bo Som : written by Mû, with Mel Seme and Sol Omar on vocals
Lingu Stranhu : written by P. Barragán (guitar) and Mû (voice)
Sukta Korsom : written by Santi 'Gago' (guitar) and Mû (voice)
Um De Nós : written by J. Cruz, with Mel Seme on guitar, Sol Omar on percussion, and Mû on voice
Um Kussa Sinhu : written by Maria Di Pace (guitar) and Mû (voice)

recorded by Carlos Tato (track 1)
recorded by Alvaro Barco in Estudio Establo (tracks 2, 3)
recorded by Luis Alcaide in La Aldea Studio (tracks 4, 6)
recorded by Dave Bianchi in the Emergency Room (tracks 5, 7, 8, 9)

"Duos, Trios, and Further Conversations" will be released May 2011
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