Year of release: 2012
Format: Album
Catalog number: WAJ-006

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Whatabout Jazz
Bo Djubi Songh, is an invitation to contemplate and experience celebration from the purest conscience of delight. “Take notice” the lyrics say in Kiriol, but which, in reality, speak the overwhelming universal language of great music. This album is a journey that transports you through landscapes of sound and cascades of images ranging from jazz to rhythm and blues with touches of folk.

Improvisation created by accomplices, balancing between knowing, doing, feeling, sensations and suggestive memories, make up the content of this new record, an intense eulogy of music link emotion, and rthymn to the body. A metropolitan encounter with tribal forces, the roots of funk and the sophistication of “other music”.

On this ocassion, they have been able to count on collaborations from musicians, such as, the guitarist Israel Sandoval, Madrid’s children chorus from the Aula de Musicas, and the Cuban percussion artist, Ernesto “el Chino” Roque.

Juan Carlos Aracil : flute
Mario Díaz : keyboard
Antonio Mangas : drums
Fran Mangas : saxophone
Jesús Mañeru : percussion
Mû : voice y percussion
Carlos Tato : bass

and the last but certainly not least, Álvaro Barco the sound technician
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