Year of release: 2012
Format: Album
Catalog number: WAM-036

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Joan Viñals is well-respected in Catalunya for his mastery of Gypsy Jazz (he was co-founder of popular quintet 5deswing, inspired by the jazz of Django Reinhardt). However, his work with other instruments like the ukulele led him to create a more intimate, audacious project. As a result, Iluminata was conceived in the summer of 2010. From that point, Joan found the means for expressing himself in his own language. Sung in Catalan, Joan gives his very special touch to this beautiful collection of 8 songs....


Joan Viñals / guitar, ukulele, voice
Maarten Swaan / guitars, voice
Xavi Molero / drums
Miguel Serna / bass
Oriol Vidal / violin
Sasha Agranov / cello
Natsuco Sugao / flugelhorn
Amanda Jayne / accordion

produced and recorded by Dave Bianchi
mastered by Kelly Hibbert
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