Year of release: 2014
Format: Album
Catalog number: WAJ-019

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Whatabout Jazz
Antonio Machín is one of the most important singers the world has known. His songs and boleros make us smile due to his massive impact on post-war radio, and only a few have dared to approach and rebuild those compositions since then.

It is from this respect and admiration, to Machín and also to the memories of those difficult past years, this unique band decided to pay their respects. They are from Barcelona, young and brilliant musicians that offer their songs all over the world. The deepest sound of boleros meets high quality production and playful electronics to create this amazing and unique experience.


Celeste Arias : voice
Santí Careta : electric guitar
David Soler : electric guitar, slide guitar
Oriol Roca : drums, percussion, electric bass
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