Year of release: 2007
Format: Album
Catalog number: WAM-002

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After 5 years of playing with Catalan legends Dumbala Canalla, accordionista Amanda Jayne gathered her 30 some-odd songs she had written during her travels and funneled them into her solo project; a masterpiece called "Swoon". Like Tim Burton and Ani DiFranco jumping up and down on a music box...


Amanda Jayne : voice, accordion, guitars, piano, rhodes, vibraphone
Dave Bianchi : backup vocals, violin, bass, percussion, ++?
Miguel Serna : bass, stand up bass
Oriol Cors : drums and percussion
Paco Mendez : electric guitar
Violeta Albareda Fernandez : violin, cat noises and giggles
Sasha Agranov : cello and cat noises
Colum Pettit : violin
Sam Watson : alto sax
Emma Gawlinski : flute, tenor sax
Paul Sessions : tuba
Francesc Vives : trumpet and flugelhorn
Dani Carbonell : clarinet and bass clarinet
Ewa Wikstrom : trumpet
Dani Gomez : guitars, bass, noises, samples, marimba, percussion, miniature music box, etc.
Nieves Arilla : backup vocals in "Stupid 4 your love"
Andrea Cirotto : backup vocals and waterjug in "Terrible Beauty"

Engineered and produced by Dave Bianchi in the Emergency Room studio, L'Hospitalet, Spain
except for tracks 3, 5 and 8, which were engineered, mixed and produced by Dani Gomez in C/ Códols #23 in the year 2002
Reviews & Press
I knew I’d write up the debut release by Amanda Jayne as soon as I heard the stumbling start and solo accordion of her song “Stupid For Your Love ...
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