Year of release: 2017
Format: Single
Catalog number: WAM-080

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The first single from the project Whatabout Music Uncovered. The 10-song album features groups formed from label mates on Whatabout Music, arranging and covering another artist from the label. On this spectacular cover of the Melou song "Sunshine Suite" from their debut album "Communication", some of the label's finest talent is showcased.

Tal Ben Ari : vocals
Pau Figueres : guitar
Jorge da Rocha : double bass
Lisa Bause : violins
Sasha Agranov : cellos

Arranged by Dave Bianchi, Tal Ben Ari, Pau Figueres, Jorge da Rocha, Lisa Bause, and Sasha Agranov.

Recorded at Dry Town Studio in summer 2017

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