Amanda Jayne
A major foundation of the underground Barcelona music scene, Amanda Jayne (USA) has fostered the city’s vibrant art culture since 1999. An accomplished accordionist, singer, guitarist and long-time song-writer raised in a small town in North America, Amanda has collaborated with a vast array of world musicians, at first busking in the streets then touring with folk-circus Klezmer Catalan legends Dúmbala Canalla throughout Southern Europe.

In 2007, Amanda joined forces with producer Dave Bianchi, who was immediately struck by the completely never-been-done method of “pop song” Amanda composed. Songs with extremely vivid color and clear musical “hook”, yet tucked inside a nest of sounds rich in subtleties and possessing the fineness of qualities that make street music palpable and alive.

With Bianchi, whose studio is based in Barcelona, Amanda recorded her first record, Swoon, which has received over 500,000 downloads and streams. Amanda has recorded and performed with established players Paco Mendez (guitar, banjo), Miguel Serna (bass), Claudia Gomez (toy piano, keyboards, percussion, glockenspiel), Sasha Agranov (Cello, Singing Saw), Marc Mena (trumpet, flugelhorn), Oriol Roca (drums).

Together they’ve played festivals from Fusion Festival (Germany) to Festival Isole Che Parlano (Sardinia) and the Posidonia Festival (Formentera) to some of Europe’s most famous venues, like The Copenhagen Operaen and Bar 25 in Berlin. Locally, she’s favored the intimate spaces such as El Arco de la Virgen, Heliogabal, Casa Elizalde, Convent Sant Agusti and Bar Electric, as well as the occasional living room. In 2012, Amanda recorded her second album, which was a featured project on Kickstarter, the long-awaited follow-up to “Swoon” .

Lunatics in Bloom, a 10-song adventure that embodies the sound of wisdom gained and childish playfulness both, features some guest musicians and some of Europe’s most respected musical geniuses: Paolo Angeli (Sardinian prepared guitarist) Christoph Mäcki Hamann (German violinist, of the band Apparat and accompanist to José González) Emma Gawlinski (Gadjo), Dani Carbonell (Dúmbala Canalla) Joan Viñals (Iluminata).

The Album is out now, you can buy it here.
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Lunatics in Bloom
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Year of release: 2013
Title: Swoon
Format: Album
Year of release: 2007
Big Skinny Dipper
Format: Single
Year of release: 2022
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