Whatabout Music was started in 2006 by American radio and music producer Dave Bianchi. After a successful career producing nationally-syndicated radio programs (“ROCKLINE,” “MODERN ROCK LIVE,” “LIVE FROM THE LOUNGE WITH RYAN SEACREST,”) and creating and producing the hit show “NIGHTS WITH ALICE COOPER” hosted by rock legend Alice Cooper, Bianchi set off for Barcelona to open a recording studio, The Emergency Room.

The label was at first created as an outlet for his productions, but after hundreds of musicians rapidly contributed their energy, it became a strong community of artists—currently made up of 55 bands, plus numerous musicians and artists from various parts of the world that enjoy Catalunya’s status as a cultural crossroads. Artists from Spain, France, Italy, Germany, Greece, Portugal, Romania, England, Ireland, Holland, Denmark, Sweden, the USA, Cuba, Morocco, Argentina, Chile, Ecuador, Brazil, Colombia, Uruguay, Nepal, Australia, Africa, Israel, and Japan have recorded over 100 albums as part of a constantly growing catalog from Whatabout Music. Based in Barcelona, the label forms a network that spans around the world, artists who tour every year on practically every continent, and embrace new ways of promotion in the digital realm.

Within the diverse catalog, you can find releases ranging from soul to pop, world music to rock, or music indescribable.The sub-group Whatabout Jazz features recordings from musicians who venture into the experimental, traditional, or ‘other’ side of jazz. A solo piano album from one of Catalunya’s most highly regarded pianists Marco Mezquida, the powerful and well-known Cuban 'A Capella' quartet Gema 4, recordings from Natsuko Sugao Group, Julian Sanchez New Quartet, Mosaico Jazz Trio, the MUT Trio, the Marc Mena Quartet, super-drummer Oriol Roca, trio Piccola Orchestra Gagarin featuring Paolo Angeli, and electric guitar maestro Santi Careta put the label into a niche group of those releasing experimental music.

Whatabout Music is distributed through The Orchard, with the catalog available for sale or stream on Apple Music, Amazon, Spotify, and dozens more. Through our extensive promotional network, with the help of services like YouTube and Spotify, and with the continuing efforts of the groups themselves, the Whatabout catalog has received over 100 million streams.

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