Anita Zengeza
Anita Zengeza is a Zimbabwean singer, guitarist, and composer currently based in Barcelona. Her music is a rich blend of sounds and colours that have drawn inspiration from many different cultures and personal experiences. Anita was born in Botswana where she lived for 6 years before moving to Zimbabwe. Her father is Zimbabwean and her mother is Chinese-Malay. At the age of 8 she began her musical studies with singing and classical piano. At 17 she was awarded a scholarship and moved to Italy to continue studying music. She also began to play the guitar and to develop her singer-songwriter skills.

In 2010 she moved to Barcelona and was enchanted by the cultural and musical fusion that she discovered there. She met and collaborated with musicians from all over the world and was fascinated by the underground alternative music scene of Barcelona. She began to explore many different styles of music and became involved in several projects with groups of african, latin and jazz music. She is currently studying a degree in jazz and modern music in Taller de Musics.

In 2013 she decided to record her first album with the producer Dave Bianchi of the international label Whatabout Music. This album was greatly inspired by her travels and the musical journey that she has undertaken. It has an ethnic modern vibe with songs in English and Spanish. Her songs speak mainly of the uncertainties and day-to-day situations faced by those living in the diaspora, or those who are searching for calm and tranquillity within an increasingly impersonal society. The compositions reflect a unique personal style that she has developed through the musical and cultural experiences she has discovered and absorbed over the past few years.

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Anita Zengeza
Format: Album
Year of release: 2013
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I Gave You My Song - Live