AxisOrca is the meeting point of the catalan clarinetist and singer Carola Ortiz and french drummer, guitar player and producer Aurélien "Landy" Gana. They began composing songs together in 2011 in Barcelona and brought their first album to completion in 2013. 'Axis', an intimate window into the sounds of a house right in the historic heart of Barcelona, is a self-produced album that expresses the love, musical connection, spirituality and dream worlds Carola and Landy share.

AxisOrca alchemizes influences from jazz, alternative pop, brazilian rhythms, urban groove, electronica and classical music. They naturally switch between english, french and catalan. Landy's fresh approach to rhythms, grooves and guitar playing perfectly complements Carola's sensual voice, lyrical clarinet and imaginative use of sound textures

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Title: Axis
Format: Album
Year of release: 2013
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