Quartet to Three
With the release of their debut CD album "Sin Pies", Quartet to Three joins the bunch of artists with works published by David Bianchi's record label What About Music.

Created out of a free jamming concept, Quartet to Threes' music progressively gained more solid compositional forms. Some of them have jazz influences, while others are closer to rock and psychedelia. Their music takes us back to the sound of some bands from the seventies; because of the similar way they open melodic phrases towards tonal improvisations, in which the purpose of the main theme just seems an excellent occasion to decompose it.

The group members say they often share their rehearsal room with the passing-by psychedelic spirits of the music masters of that time... But we don't know if it's just their fantasy (or should we say "hallucination"?) or that it truly happens, with the spirits taking part in the eccentric rituals these musicians perform. In short, a strange, but not forbidden fruit is the result.

Their songs are like flying trips, complete with the take-off, turbulence, and a flawless landing, after which the passengers will always applaud. For these four time-keeping ramblers, the most important thing is to go on a trip together, in harmony, without thinking about musical tags or styles. The pleasure of playing, of traveling, no matter whereto. Most important is staying in the air, with no ground to stand on, sustained by the music. Sin Pies. Without feet.
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Sin Pies
Title: Sin Pies
Format: album
Year of release: 2015
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