Ofer Ronen
Guitarist and Oudist Ofer Ronen began studying guitar at the age of thirteen. During his musical evolution he studied Jazz, bossa nova and classical guitar, before focusing on the flamenco guitar, while completing his degree in musicology at the Hebrew Univesity in Jerusalem. Upon completing the degree, Ofer travelled to Spain, where he stayed for three years, completing studies in the Fundación de Cristina Heeren in Seville, where he studied with great masters such as Pedro Sierra and Niño de Pura. After that, he stayed in Seville to study flamenco in the traditional way, accompanying dance classes, and also experiencing the practical studies from the "street", playing in flamenco fiestas with local artists.

In August 2013, Ofer came back to Israel, settled in Tel Aviv-Yafo, and began performing in several ensembles, of flamenco and ethnic music, playing in Israel and Europe, including the ensemble Babelucia, of Yair Dallal. In Israel he began studying the Arabic oud and the Arabic maqamat musical system.

After 3 years of music in Israel, in October 2016, Ofer moved back to Spain, to settle in the cosmopolitan city of Barcelona, where he continues performing in the European music scene, with occasional musical tours in Israel and more.

Among the venues and fesivals Ofer perormed at are: "Festival internacional de música sefardi" in Cordoba, Spain; "University of Cyprus Cultural Festival" in Nicosia, Cyprus; "Experimental room festival" in Barcelona; "Shirat Hakelim festival"; :Días de Flamenco festival"; Fundacíon tres culturas, Seville, Spain; The Jewish Music International Festival, Amsterdam, Holland; Palermo, Italy; Felicja Blumental Music center; Suzan Dallal center; and many more.

During six years, Ofer worked in the Jewish Music Research Centre in Jerusalem. As part of his work he was exposed to many Jewish musics. This fact and the encounter with fellow guitarist Roy Zakai, led in 2014 to the creation of the Jewish music dedicated group, Ancient Groove, and releasing their first album. Ancient Groove tours around Europe, and performed in Israel, Spain, Holland, and Cyprus.

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Title: PorMedio
Format: Album
Year of release: 2018
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