Mû Mbana

Mû : born in Guinea-Bissau

"Everything began when i was three years old and I used to dance to music on the radio. The balafón music they played before the news, captured me and set me off on my musical journey. Some years later I began to sing and I immersed myself in the musical wealth of my native country. With time and curiosity, I left home (Guinea-Bissau) to learn about other musical styles and to begin my in-depth study of jazz.

I worked for many years as a singer-songwriter in Portugal and Spain and in 2000, I formed the jazz-fusion trio, Nemfen. During the same period, I accompanied singer, Kathy Autrey, and her Gospel group, The Negro Spiritual, as second voice.

In 2001 Nemfen became qbamba, and at that moment, through assimilating all that I'd learned and listened to over the years, I began to move away from familiar musical classifications. Without realising at first, I travelled deep inside of myself, to discover my own music and my own authentic mixture of musical styles.

I've always enjoyed taking part in a number of different musical collaborations and I have worked and continue to work with the jazz big band, La Locomotora Negra. I've sung with Manu Dibango and also with Anna Salazar in a performance by the Iliacan contemporary dance group. I have also collaborated on a number of albums with artists including Rosa Zaragoza, José Luís Montón and Simao Félix.

In 2006, I composed music for the 50th anniversary celebration of the ONG Intermon Oxfam and also directed the quartet performing this music in Barcelona's Auditori. In June 2007, I composed a piece for the official pre-opening of the Saragossa Expo 2008 in the Saragosa Auditorium. This music was played by the Orquesta de Camara, which includes three voices, two cellos, one violin, percussion, harp, hang and vibrofone. For this peformance I also directed the orchestra.

From 2006 I received more requests for shows as a solo artist, and so in 2008 decided to return to my role as a singer song-writer and make this an active part of my musical career. I'm currently developing an investigative musical project, based on the work of a selection of poets from around the world. This project will be supported by the Nua Trio. I'm also currently singing and playing percussion as part of the jazz-fusion group, Candelaria."
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Mû Mbana
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