Melou is an eclectic group of musicians fronted by the illustrious voice of Annie Goodhild. Hailing from both, Boston, MA and Utrecht, Holland, Melou fuses the many different musical backgrounds of the members. In the world we live in today where many cultures and musical genres are so easily accessible it seems only right to try and reach out to all of them and explore the freedom in each style.

There is something for everyone in Melou. Their influences include everything from Nina Simone, Django, Janis Joplin, and Fela Kuti to Bjork, Parliament, Zero 7 and Bob Marley. There is no style that Melou is afraid to explore and wherever they go they bring the audience with them.

Melou was founded in Guatemala in a tequila bar called Cafe No Se. It was in this bar that front woman Annie Goodchild and guitarist Maarten Reijnierse first met. After building a name for themselves they were invited to record an album in Barcelona with producer Dave Bianchi. After their debut album, "Communication" the band earned the support of radio stations across the US and EU, including KCRW and WERS, which said about Melou:

"It's difficult to epitomize a sound so far-reaching, a style that has spanned various regions of the globe, and experience from orchestras to traditional South American bands, but Melou manages to bring all of this together delicately and gracefully, to communicate, if you will, all of this experience into a sound that is truly their own. Something this unique and this special is simply invaluable."

The band teamed up once again in 2009 with producer Dave Bianchi at the Emergency Room studios, and took their unique sound even further for their second album. This time there was a different theme, as the title Battery Park would suggest, "Organic vs. Electronic."

Featuring a lineup of all-star musicians from around the world who currently reside in Barcelona, Melou recorded the EP "Skylark" in 2013, which brought Goodchild's vocals to a new level. Maybe that's why URB Magazine compared her to Amy Winehouse and Lauryn Hill...

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Title: Skylark
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Year of release: 2013
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Year of release: 2015
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