Year of release: 2013
Format: Album
Catalog number: WAM-040

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Five years after her debut album 'Swoon,' this American songstress and accordion player brings us 10 new songs from her twisted mind. 'Lunatics in Bloom' features her band The Murder of Crows, as well as collaborations from renowned Italian experimental musician Paolo Angeli and Catalan songwriter Joan Vinals.

credits /

Amanda Jayne / vocals, accordion, guitar
Oriol Roca / drums
Miguel Serna / bass
Paco Mendez / banjo, guitar
Sasha Agranov / cello
Macki / violin
Marc Mena / trumpet
Claudia Gomez / keys
Joan Vinals / ukulele, guitar on 'Boombox'
Paolo Angeli / guitars on 'One Continuous Bend' and 'Reignite'
Dave Bianchi / french horn

produced and mixed by Dave Bianchi in The Emergency Room studio
mastered by Kelly Hibbert
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