Year of release: 2013
Format: Album
Catalog number: WAM-046

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Max Moya (Ojos de Brujo, Asian Dub Foundation, Nitin Sawhney) along with Cuban rapper Kumar Sublevao Beat, process the great voices of Tal Ben Ari (Playing for Change), the great Cuban singer Mel Semé (Black Gandhi), the English-Algerian vocal-loop artist Ayesha and last but not least the unique voice of Guinean singer Mû.

Using only sounds produced by the human body, Man ex Maqina takes this unique material through loops, samplers, effects and scratch, among other techniques to take the sound of the human body to new undiscovered heights.

credits :

Ashwin Srinivisan : Ayesha Medham : Bart Togo : Blythe Pepino : Carlos Sarduy : Esperanza Restucci : Irene Atienza : Jon Sterckx : Kumar Mora : Lucy Carlevaro : M.c. Braydz : Maxwell Moya Wright : Misha Law : Mu Silva : Pistolo Eliza : Rizumik : Sophie Greatorex : Tatiana Heinz : Tom Williams : Tula Tulova : Xuri Anzizu : Xuxa Levy

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Electrónica, voces y percusión corporal. ¿Suena bien, no? No, suena mejor que bien...  ...
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