Year of release: 2015
Format: Album
Catalog number: WAM-066

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Pau's first album is an introduction into his musical world and a first step into developing his own artistic personality. The sounds of his guitars blend together to create rich textures that seem to come from deep rooted Flamenco and modern music influences. Together with some amazing musician friends who infuse the music with incredible groove and excellent taste, Pau offers us 10 songs that resonate with the Mediterranean essence and at the same time offer us a fresh new approach to Spanish guitar playing.

Pau Figueres: flamenco guitar, electric & acoustic, fretless acoustic bass, synth programming
Aleix Tobias: percussion on track 3, drums on track 7
Carles Benavent: electric bass on track 3
Arnau Figueres: cajón on tracks 6, 8, 9, palmas on 8, 9, conga and shaker on 8
Jordi Gaspar: acoustic bass on track 5
Judit Neddermann: vocals on track 7
Mel Semé: vocals on track 10, clave on track 5

Recorded and mixed by Aniol Bestit Collellmir in Corbera de Llobregat (Barcelona) during 2014 and 2015.
Additonal guitar recordings by Pau in his home studio in Barcelona.
Drums and percussion on tracks 3, 7 recorded by Dènys Sanz at Saudades studios, Canovelles.
Electric bass on track 3 recorded by Carles Benavent in his home studio in Castelldefels.
Produced by Pau Figueres and Aniol Bestit.
Mastered by Ferran Conangla in Barcelona.

“Vladimir Maiakovski” composed by Toti Soler, “Colorines” by Pepe Torres, “Eshu” by Judit Neddermann and Pau Figueres. All other music composed by Pau Figueres.

Carles Benavent appears courtesy of Bebyne Records.
Photography by May Zircus
Design by Ramón Martínez
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