Dave Bianchi
Dave Bianchi started as a radio producer in LA and New York, having produced numerous top syndicated programs. But the year 2005 saw Dave taking off from New York City for uncharted territory, and ultimately opening a recording studio in Barcelona.

Producing music was always Dave's passion, and the response to his arrival in Barcelona was immediate—musicians from around the world gravitated towards his ‘Emergency Room’ studio in the L’Hospitalet bario of Barcelona. Instantly he began producing a string of records; jazz, rock, experimental, soul, world, or music uncatigorizable.

Shortly after opening the studio, Dave started the label Whatabout Music to showcase some of the artists he had encountered and produced. It started as just a digital label—but off the web and in Barcelona, it had become more of a community than a label. Since forming in 2006, the Whatabout Music catalog has grown to include more than 100 releases from 56 bands, that have received more than 50 million downloads.

Dave's unique production style, which Spain’s national paper La Vanguardia referred to as ‘unusually brilliant', is reflected not only on the albums he produces, but also on the four albums that he has recorded and produced of his own music, the latest being 2017's Kashmir Sweet House.

In 2014, Dave opened his second studio, Dry Town, in the Poble Sec bario of Barcelona. And after relocating to Sitges in 2020, he has now opened his third studio, Silo Sitges, which is located on the seafront of the idyllic town.

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Kashmir Sweet House
Format: Album
Year of release: 2017
The Suburbs of Salt
Format: Album
Year of release: 2010
Baby Disco
Title: Baby Disco
Format: Album
Year of release: 2009
Title: Onion
Format: EP
Year of release: 2007
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Download hoto
Download hoto
"That Stare" - from the album Baby Disco