Tal Ben Ari
Tal Ben Ari- a.k.a. "Tula" is a singer and songwriter from Tel Aviv, Israel, based in Barcelona.

She began her singing, piano and dance studies at the age of 7 and spent all of her free time during her childhood full of these activities , showing a special passion for music. In the process of her studies, with her teachers, she explored different areas of music, like jazz, soul and Mediterranean folk, also singing in her hometown choir.

Since arriving in Barcelona in 2005, Tula began working with different groups, emphasizing the formation "08001", and together with eminent soloists, vocalists from the music scene, such as "Peret" and "La Lucrezia", among others.
She joined as lead singer on 4 groups of the current music scene in Barcelona. The famous Cuban vocal quartet "Gema 4", the group "Asikides" of Mediterranean traditional origin and the group "Los Moussakis" of Balkan influences. she is also collaborating on the new Electro Acapella project "Man Ex Maqina" created by Max Moya, from the famous spanish band" Ojos de Brujo" together with Kumar, Mel Seme, Mu and Ayesha Mendham.

Since 2006, Tal has been participating in the famous worldwide project, "Playing for Change", with whom she recorded several songs and videos and has toured in the United States, England, Brazil and Australia, attributing her voice to the fight for peace and unity through music .

These enriching experiences in the course of her career inspired her to start composing, mixing her roots and the new influences she has absorbed, developing her own personal style. In summer 2012 she collected her compositions and some traditional tunes and recorded her first solo album, produced by the American producer Dave Bianchi, in Barcelona.
The album called "Sheela" reflects this versatile musical and cultural trajectory, fusing different musical styles in 5 different languages, mixing the traditional with modern music, using the voice as a primary tool of her compositions.
The album was released in December 2012 and is now available for sale.
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Title: Sheelá
Format: Album
Year of release: 2012
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