Year of release: 2007
Format: Album
Catalog number: WAM-008

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From all corners of the world they tumbled into the streets of Barcelona in 2003 and have been together ever since writing their original blend of polyglot balkan-ska-swing music. Since then, Gadjo has produced three albums, attracted a huge international following and has toured Europe extensively playing in theatre, circus and music festivals; up trees, on barges, in bars, beaches, on horsecarts, on top of trucks, in clubs and castles.


Fraggle -accordion, vocals.
Emma Gawlinski -flute
Nadine Cole -melodica, clarinet (9).
Karl Stets -trombone, tuba
Sam Watson -alto sax, clarinet and beer bottles.
Stephen Scharmin -drums and butane bottle
Red Martin -contrabanjo
Xabi Eliçagaray- guitar, double bass (11), vocals

all songs composed and arranged by Gadjo
recorded and mixed by Jordi Vidal
in Estudi Laietana, Barcelona in October and December 2006.
Reviews & Press
One of the best songs of "Parayayasygamberros" album. "Gadjo takes you on a wild journey from the middle of a jumping ska-mosh pit into the brassy  ...
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